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Milan 18th-19th of May 2013
Via Domenichino, 11

stop Amendola (red line direction Rho Fiera)

After a long time now, Elena offers again in her home town to all interested students, one of her seminars in the new school "LA YOGA SHALA" Via Domenichino 11 organizing an intensive sharing of Ashtanga Yoga in one of the most beautiful location in Italy created for the practice of this extraordinary discipline.
Mysore Style practice for advanced students, Led Class for beginners, afternoons with the technical aspects of Practice, Back Bending (arching in the back - how to perform it safely and effectively), and with the other branches of Ashtanga Yoga  such as Pranayama, Meditation and Chanting

Saturday, May 18

- from 7.00am MYSORE STYLE for those who know the sequence
- 10.15 - 12.30 pm Led Class for Beginners (with initial introduction)
- 3.00 - 5.30 pm Technique - Back Bending (for all levels)
Sunday, May 19
- from 7.00am MYSORE STYLE for those who know the sequence
- 10.15 - 12.30 pm Led Class for Beginners (with initial introduction)
- 2.30 to 5.00 pm Pranayama - Meditation - Chanting

- In the morning practices, in the Mysore Style students who know the sequence performe their sequence up to where they arrived working deeply on their practice, in the Led Class there will be an initial introduction on the principles of Ashtanga and then the practice of the sequence until Navasana.
- During the session of
Back Bending the student, through special exercises will be conducted to work safely and aware, to learn to use his back till the best in its ability to arch. Will be facilitated in the intensity of posture bringing the mind to a state of calm and balance, listening total of what is happening, offering a job to strengthen the muscles and thus help to prevent back problems.
- In the lesson of
Pranayama - Meditation - Chanting will face these yogic techniques and their correlation. Will explain the principles and practice of Pranayama, the purpose of Meditation and how Chanting include them in this practice and how these are practiced.

All Workshop   100
Single Morning Class 30
Single Afternoon class 40
Full Day Saturday or Sunday 65

You must be registered Ass. Mi.As.Yo. Milano Ashtanga Yoga for the year 2012-13
For those who it is not, the cost is 15 and are requesting the following information:
Name and Surname
Place and date of birth
Resident street
Town and Country
Zip Code

The booking requires a payment that can be made ​​in cash during the weekly classes or via Bank Transfer to:
- Association Mi.As.Yo. Milano Ashtanga Yoga
- Banca Popolare Etica
- IBAN: IT52X0501801600000000128260
- Reason: Elena Workshop + Name

For best results of the seminar on the practice, both at the technical level and for the greater understanding of the discipline, it is recommended to participate in the entire event.
Open to students and novice practitioners

For more information and reservations
Ass Mi.As.Yo. Milano Ashtanga Yoga
+39-3473541355  +39-0239263159