Here follow some sites about Ashtanga Yoga in the world; most of those featured have been personally met by us
and for this reason we wish to recommend them to you.

To meet  via web the Institute in Mysore today run by Sharath R. Jois and founded by Guruji, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Ashtanga Yoga in the world official site, from Betty Lai, Mountain View, California

Saraswathi, daughter of Guruji 

Wikipedia on  Ashtanga

Ashtanga in Rome with Tina

Ashtanga in  Rome with Gabriele

Ashtanga in Torino with Roberto

Ashtanga  in  Empoli with Marco

Ashtanga in Perugia with Carla

Ashtanga in London with Hamish

Ashtanga in Dublin with David e Paula

Ashtanga in Finland  with Juha e Petri

Ashtanga in Copenhagen with Susanna e Jense

Ashtanga in Stockholm with Gittan 

Ashtanga in New York with Eddie Stern

Ashtanga with David Swenson

Ashtanga in Boulder, Colorado with  Richard Freeman

Ashtanga in Carlsbad, California with  Tim Miller 

Ashtanga in Santa Barbara, California, with  Steve e Michelle

Ashtanga in Miami with  Tim e Kino

and with  David and Gretchen

in Maui with  Nancy Gillgoff 

in Kauai with  Eagle

In Montreal with  Mark e Joanne Darby

Ashtanga in Auroville, India with  Monica

Ashtanga in Australia with  Dena e Jack

Ashtanga in New Zealand with  Jhon Scott

Ashtanga in Auckland, Nuova Zealand with Peter and Jude

  Here follow some sites about other kinds of yoga and the like, which we wish to recommend, having
personally encountered them:

Raja Yoga with  Moiz Palaci and Renata Angelini

Hata Yoga with  Claudio Conte

Iyengar yoga in Torino with Maria Paola Grilli

Iyengar yoga in Milano with Olga, Eugenia, Antonella, Chiara

Iyengar yoga in Bologna at Melograno

Yoga Associazione Nazionale Insegnanti

For all the articles about  yoga by  Andrea and Cinzia

Italian yoga journal

To meet Avasa extraordinary master that has reached self-realization
and who shares it through satsangs

Many interesting books on yoga and more

Feldenkrais Centre of Laura Marina and  Monica