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 Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Weekly Lessons


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(to join the classes via zoom write a whatsapp message to +393473541355)

LA YOGA SHALA awaits you on the Parquet and LAYOGASHALA@OOMM awaits you on the wall

CLASSES CONTINUE REGULARLY as shown in the schedule below

For info about frequency and costs go below the page.
This year there are different solutions to come and study at LA YOGA SHALA

LA YOGA SHALA is open from 6.15 a.m. every morning from Monday to Friday with the possibility of entrance until 9.00 a.m. (Friday 8,15 a.m.) Led Classes in the morning during week-days are MONDAY, TUESDAY and THURSDAY  at 9.00 a.m.
Below the schedule of all classes at La Yoga Shala

All beginner students who wish to begin a journey of knowledge in Ashtanga Yoga at LA YOGA SHALA,  will be able to choose between several options:
- The Very Beginners Course, which you can find explanations below, for those who want a step by step approach
- Led Classes for Beginners, with an approach a little more sustained, directly in the practice, without explanation of the bases that will be acquired in time with the practice itself
- During the Mysore Style classes in the morning, with entry on Mon - Tue - Thur between 7.00am and 8.00am in order to end the practice within 9.00am, on Wed - Fri entry from 7 00am to 9:00am in order to end the practice no later than 10:30 am. This is the most traditional method for Ashtanga Yoga transmission: it will be taught the method according to the ability of the student, movement by movement, in order to memorize the sequence from the start and develop own personal practice (requested at least 3 times a week)

Cycle 12 Lessons held by teachers of La Yoga Shala

MONDAY 6,30pm - 8,00pm from January, 30 to May, 8 (No April 10-24, May 1) - Beatrice
TUESDAY 9,00am - 10,30am February, 7 to May, 2 (No April, 25) - Elena
WEDNESDAY 7,00pm - 8,30pm from February, 8 to April, 26 - Elena


New cycle of 12 classes for very beginners!
Dedicated to those who want a slower and more gradual approach with practice.  At the end of the 12 lessons the students have reached a level that will allow them to follow and attend with confidence gained the led class.
Requested continued participation in class throughout the period specified above. To attend the course you need to book in advance, giving name, email and phone number. This course, for the type of organization, it is not refundable.
It is possible to come to the first lesson without the commitment of the entire cycle by paying the class individually, and if you decide to keep on than you will pay the difference due. In case of missed classes, can be retrieved by attending any weekly led classes during the course or within two weeks after the last day of the course.
The course will start with a minimum of 10 students
Cost: 170€ + 25€ for compulsory membership (see below)
It is mandatory to provide a medical certificate.
After this course, you will be able to participate freely in class as scheduled during the week (see below).  Will only be required to register for the annual subscription (one-off) of 30€ that will last 365 days (starting from the first day of the course).
For info and reservations astangamilano@yahoo.it -
+39 3473541355

Saturday at 9,45am - 11,45am
March, 12 - April, 16 - May, 21  2023
Contribution 18€ online
18€ for members or 1 class of the month, 25€ for others

This class is aimed at experienced students who practice constantly and beginners who are interested in deepening their experience of Ashtanga Yoga. No for absolute beginners.
The class is conducted by counting the correct Vinyasa (breath and movement in coordination) of the whole sequence of the First Series. The rhythm of the practice will be emphasized as it should be and that slowly it will have to be achieved in one's own personal practice.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


6,30-10,30 a.m.*

Mysore Style

6,30-10,30 a.m.*

Mysore Style

6,30-10,30 a.m.*

Mysore Style

6,30-10,30 a.m.*

Mysore Style


Mysore Style


9,00-10,30 a.m.

Led Class

9,00-10,30 a.m.

Led Class


9,00-10,30 a.m.

Led Class





9,00-10,30 a.m.
Beginner Course
from February, 7




  Mysore Style

9,45-11,45 a.m.

  Led Primary
March, 12






  9,45-11,00 a.m.

  Led Class


6,30-7,50 p.m.

Mysore Style*

6,30-8,15 p.m. Mysore Style*

6,30-8,15 p.m. Mysore Style*
da Settembre

6,30-8,15 p.m.

Mysore Style*


6,30-8,00 p.m.
Beginner Course
from January, 30

6,30-7,45 p.m.
Led Class

7,00-8,15 p.m.

Led Class

7,00-8,15 p.m.

Led Class
da Settembre

7,00-8,15 p.m.

Led Class

    7,00-8,30 p.m.
Beginner Course
from February, 8

Via Domenichino, 11 Milano
(driveway entry from the small gate of the big gate)

Led Class:  for beginners till Navasana Posture - everybody doesn't know the sequence is welcome
*Mysore Style: individual practice for those who know the sequence
**Very Beginners Course: for those who want to start with a slow and gradual approach. Cycle of 12 lessons on a weekly basis, request the participation in any lesson

- Morning A
dmission from Monday to Friday (no Wednesday) from 6,30 till 9,00 a.m.
Practice has to be finished no later than 10,15 a.m.
Afternoon Admission Monday to Thursday from 6,00 p.m.
till 7,00 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - Practice has to be finished no later than 8,15 p.m.

Mysore Style from
6,30 a.m. No advised on Moondays if you practice everyday

 Tuesday September, 7 New Moon
Tuesday September, 21 Full Moon

Wednesday October, 6 New Moon

 October, 20 Full Moon
Thursday November, 4 New Moon
 Friday November, 19
Full Moon

Saturday December, 4 New Moon
Sunday  December, 19 Full Moon

 Sunday January, 2  New Moon
Tuesday January, 18 Full Moon

 Tuesday February, 1 New Moon
Wednesday February, 16 Full Moon

 Wednesday March, 2 New Moon
Friday March, 18 Full Moon

 Friday April, 1 New Moon
Saturday  April, 16 Full Moon
Saturday April, 30 New Moon
 Monday May, 16 Full Moon
Monday May, 30 New Moon

 Tuesday June, 14 Full Moon
Wednesday June, 29 New Moon

Wednesday July, 13 Full Moon
day July, 28 New Moon
August, 12 Full Moon
Saturday August, 27 New Moon

CONTRIBUTION (calendar month, depending on the type of frequency choice):

MEMBERSHIP (COMPULSORY) AND SUBSCRIPTION: for all 25€ for the membership valid for the current academic year, September 1 - August 31, 30€ for the annual subscription to the courses valid for 365 days (more info see below) not for LAYOGASHALA@OOMM

CARNET 10 LESSONS € 150 for a period of 3 months (only for members and enrolled).

12 lessons to be paid in advance € 170 + € 25 membership

CONTRIBUTION of tuition for attending classes, according to the number of lessons attended during the calendar month (from the first to the end of the month) only for members and enrolled:

Again for this academic year 2022-23, given the historical period we are facing, LA YOGA SHALA offers three different opportunities to contribute according to one's possibilities. All this to honor this period that tests all of us, including LAYOGA SHALA, from an economic point of view as well as an emotional one for us human beings. Because of all this, the thought was to find different solutions to be able to practice Yoga depending on who wants to do it and his possibilities.
It will only be necessary to communicate the choice of the PASS that you decide to use, all always in the Yogic context that brings with it respect and seriousness as its values.

The different solutions are:
SUPPORTING PASS for those who can help and support the Shala and those who cannot pay the regular contribution
REGULAR PASS for those who can afford the regular cost of the classes
SUPPORTED PASS for those who find it difficult to support the regular contribution, but really want to practice


                                                        REGULAR       SUPPORTING     SUPPORTED
                                                            PASS           PASS(+25%
ca)    PASS(-25%ca)

1 lesson                                              18€                     23€
lessons per month                        36€                     45€                         29€
lessons per month                        54€                     68€                         43€
lessons per month                        65€                     81€                         49€
lessons per month                        75€                     94€                         56€
lessons per month                        85€                   106€                         64€
7 - 8
lessons per month                  95€                    119€                        71€        
lessons per month                      105€                   131€                        79€           
lessons per month                    115€                   144€                        86€
lessons per month                    125€                   156€                        94€         
lessons per month                    130€                   162€                        98€
lessons per month                    138€                   172€                      104€
lessons per month                    145€                   181€                      108€
lessons per month                    150€                   188€                      113€
lessons per month                          160€                   200€                      120€

Carnet 10 Lessons                         150€                   180€                       112€
Beginners Course                           170€                   210€                       130€

Payment via Bank Transfer

IBAN: IT18G0501801600000016739286 

Reason: Yoga Course + student's name

We don't have the system for payment with Master Card or Credit Card


Classes are not obliged to attend (apart from the cycles of pre-defined lessons). You can freely come to the lessons you want, without the commitment of a day or a chosen time. What is important is the number of classes attended in a solar month (September, October, November, etc.).

To access the lessons, membership and registration at LA YOGA SHALA Ssdarl are required. The total cost is € 55 (€ 25 for the membership valid for the current academic year, September 1 - August 31, and € 30 for the annual subscription to the courses valid for 365 days): makes a member of La Yoga Shala, gives insurance coverage and the possibility to access all the activities organized by La Yoga Shala for the academic year 2022-2023.

The medical certificate for non-competitive sport activity is mandatory.

It is important to know that no advance payment is required for more-months or annual rates; payment is required at the beginning of the month of what is assumed to be done in the current month and in the end you will always pay only what you it is actually attended on a monthly basis. This is an example to make this principle clear: if at the beginning of the month 8 lessons have been assumed and paid, whose cost is 95 €, but only 4 have been attended, the frequency will have cost € 65 and the difference with what was paid at the beginning € 30, will be recognized as a credit for the following month.
It is natural that the more classes you attend in a month, the less they come to cost individually.
The remaining credits of the lessons not used will be recognized within 6 months after the last lesson.

Those who want to try a lesson (Mysore Style or Led Class), can come directly to La Yoga Shala in the chosen timetable; the class will be paid as singolar one € 18 and if you decide to continue, the next time the membership and subscription will be formalized and the previous lesson will be counted together with the monthly attendance.

Students from outside Milan are welcome: in this case, for a one-off class, membership is not required.